Performance Upgrades

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Deflects water from the bottom of the deck, which reduces "surging" and enhances the soft, quiet ride in rough water.


Add bow lift, which increases handling across choppy water and improves speed as much as 4.8 miles per hour, depending on engine selection. For optimum performance, lifting strakes are recommended for engines rated 115hp or greater and for boats exceeding 30 mph. Lifting strakes are recommended for 90hp or greater on boats with twin elliptical pontoons.


Eases steering effort with higher horsepower engines. Expect two-handed handling in hard turns. Recommended for engines rated 115hp or greater.


Power-assist steering is powered by an electronically controlled hydraulic pump connected to the SeaStar® system. The electric pump "does the work for you" so the driver can expect incredible handling and turning with little effort. Recommended for engines rated 150hp or greater.


ESP is our top of the line in performance. It offers enhanced stability and water displacement with quick planing and handling characteristics that rival a fiberglass sport boat. Designed for high horsepower applications, ESP is optional on outboard models and comes standard on all Bennington I/O models. It includes two 25" diameter outer pontoons with performance foils, a patented 32" Elliptical center pontoon with lifting strakes and an under deck wave shield. Optional Power-assist steering and available fuel tank upgrade is recommended in addition to the base package on engines greater than 150hp.


The SPS hull offers handling and performance characteristics similar to ESP in an affordable package designed for engines 200hp and less. SPS includes 3 full-length 25" diameter pontoons, lifting strakes on the center pontoon, performance foils on the inside of the outer pontoons, solid round keels on all three tubes, an under deck wave shield and a 32-gallon transom fuel tank on select models. SeaStar® hydraulic steering option is recommended for engines greater than 115hp (SeaStar® is standard with SPS 200 package).


The Express Tube Package offers increased bow lift and moderately increased speed and maneuverability as an affordable alternative to a full-fledged performance package. Package includes a modified center tube with lifting strakes, V-Keels on all three tubes and a modified wave shield. Add SeaStar® hydraulic steering for engines greater than 115hp (25" tubes required).


Our exclusive Elliptical Pontoons combined with lifting strakes, performance foils, solid round keels and an under deck wave shield offer incredible two-tube performance. Each elliptical pontoon adds over 1,000 lbs. of additional buoyancy, allowing the boat to sit higher and run faster. These pontoons increase deck stability both fore and aft as well as side to side. Available as a Freshwater or Saltwater package. Saltwater package includes Saltwater anodes and sealed lifting strakes/performance foils.

Performance Bulletins

TitlePublication Date
21 SLX w/F115XBNov 17, 2014
21 SLX w/F150XANov 17, 2014
22 SCWX w/F150ANov 17, 2014
22 SSX w/F90LANov 17, 2014
22 SSX w/F150LANov 17, 2014
2275 GCW w/F115LBNov 17, 2014
2275 GCW w/F150LANov 17, 2014
2275 GCW w/F200LANov 17, 2014
2350QCL w/F250XCANov 17, 2014
2350QCL w/F300XCANov 17, 2014
20 SLX w/Yamaha F115XANov 27, 2013
22 SSLX w/Yamaha F90LANov 27, 2013
2250 GSR w/Yamaha VF200LANov 27, 2013
2375 GCW w/Yamaha F200XBNov 27, 2013
2375 GCW w/Yamaha F250XANov 27, 2013
2575 QCW Sport Arch w/Yamaha F350XCBNov 27, 2013
2250 GSR w/ 200 YamahaMay 7, 2013
2250 GSR w/ 200 Yamaha SHO VMAXApr 24, 2013
24 SSLX w/ Yamaha F150LAAug 24, 2012
24SSL w/ Yamaha F70Jul 29, 2012
2275 RCW w/ Yamaha VF200LAMay 15, 2012
2275 RCW w/ Yamaha VF225LAMay 15, 2012
2275 RCW w/ Yamaha VF250LAMay 14, 2012
Yamaha Performance Bulletin 2575RCW VF250LAOct 3, 2011
19' 20SL w/ 60 bigfootJul 28, 2011
Yamaha Performance Bulletin 2550 RCLJun 17, 2011
Yamaha Performance Bulletin 2274RLiOct 13, 2010
Yamaha Performance Bulletin 24SLi F115Oct 13, 2010
Yamaha Performance Bulletin - 20 SLi F70Oct 5, 2010
Yamaha Performance Bulletin - 2274 GLiSep 12, 2010
Yamaha Performance Bulletin - 2275 GSiSep 12, 2010
Mercury Performance Bulletin 2250RCW 250Verado 17VensuraMay 24, 2010
2250RCW w/ VF250LAMay 6, 2010
Evinrude Performance Test (Barrel Race) 2275 GLiSep 30, 2009
Yamaha Performance Bulletin - 2075GLiSep 14, 2009
2275RLi F150TXRAug 18, 2009
22SLi w/ T60TLRAug 18, 2009
2274GLi - F115TLRAug 18, 2009
2275FSi - F90TLRAug 18, 2009
19SLi - F25LAJun 24, 2009
Yamaha Performance Bulletin 20SLi F25Jun 24, 2009

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