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Bennington combines innovation, pontoon and tri-toon performance, award-winning design and quality to present the Bennington Q a boat in a class by itself. Amazing luxury appointments, ergonomic pillow-top seating, entertaining surfaces, sport towers and watersports ability along with a smooth ride and handling unlike any other pontoon boat on the market. You'll discover this and more aboard the Bennington. Build your boat with our unique Boat Builder tool. Indulge yourself in the experience.

Luxury Uniquely Yours

The R Series offers the most in variety and customization of our high-end luxury models. We invite you to find out why this line up of performance pontoons and tri-toons meet and exceed our customer's expectations for quality, style, comfort and performance, time and time again. Features like our innovative Sport Tower, Wet Sounds stereo, snap-in carpet, LED cup holder lighting, stern lounge seating, entertainment bar and galley, double bimini tops and more await you when you use our Boat Builder tool.

Mid-class Luxury

Before making your decision to purchase a new pontoon or tri-toon boat, you'll do your research, and Bennington is glad of it. We know what you'll discover when you land here! The G Series by Bennington offers unsurpassed quality, fit and finish, comfort and style, all backed by the strongest boat warranty in the industry. On top of that, you'll discover the wide range of performance enhancements you can add to your Bennington pontoon to create a boat that rivals a fiberglass hull in handling characteristics; choose from our SPS or ESP triple tube package, twin elliptical pontoon with lifting strakes, under deck wave shield and more. Research is over, time to go have fun!

Quality at its Best

If you're looking for the best value in boating today, look no further than Bennington S Series pontoons and tri-toons. Bennington offers enjoyment for everyone, combining comfort, style and function with an affordable price tag. Built in the heart of the Midwest by expert craftsmen, you won't believe the value for the money. We allow you to customize your pontoon boat with our unique Build-A-Boat web tool. Select your stern lounge seating, fishing features, bimini or camper top, on-board sink and more!

Ultimate Value: Get Out On The Water!

There's no doubt that Bennington is the #1 maker of quality pontoon and triple-tube boats in America, and we provide an uncomplicated value proposition. Can a pontoon boat be both uncomplicated and uncompromising? Absolutely! The proof is in the fit, finish, seating comfort and affordability of the Bennington. Find the S Series in lengths from 18 to 24 feet, and then design your own boat with Bennington's web-based Boat Builder. Select performance enhancements, port table seating, stern lounge seating, privacy enclosures (for porta potti), and more for pontoon cruising and skiing.

Stern Lounge

This floorplan style features Bennington's aft-facing stern lounge seating. Stern lounge seating is one of our signature innovations which originated on the QCW as an industry first. Now, the stern lounge seating is so popular we’ve expanded it into each of our model lines. It offers superior ergonomic comfort and a view of the water that is unmatched. The SSL is unique in this category featuring a single double lounge opposed to two individual lounges.

Stern Radius

Stern Radius models offer full wrap-around bench seating both fore and aft making room for all of your family and friends. This is a very functional floorplan with a large dinette table for entertaining and stern chaise lounges that can also double as aft-facing stern lounge seats when there aren’t many passengers aboard. The stern rail system completes the design with the streamline radius rail system, hence the name. If seating capacity is your main concern, this is the boat for you.

Entertainment Bar

Bennington's all new Entertainment Bar models come in a few varieties but each features the same allure with abundant countertop space, multi-functional seating and free-flowing layouts that make entertaining on the water a breeze. Recliners with 360° swivel, faux stone countertops with sinks and storage, refrigerators and some even have a built in wine rack. These floorplans have it all with comfortable seating and spacious walk ways – a perfect boat for lounging at the sandbar with friends and family. Midship bar sample featured to the left; be sure to check out the BR, SD and PD entertainment floorplans as well.





This floorplan style features Bennington's unique "Club" seating in the stern portion of the boat. The club seating creates a lounge feel and makes a great conversation pit for the captain and several passengers. The club seating can be utilized in two ways: with a dinette table in place for entertaining or with the upholstered filler cushions in place for sun bathing or lounging with friends and family. When the filler cushions are in place, three adults can lounge side by side comfortably.


The fish floorplans feature a combination of bench seating, bass seats & recliners, livewells with bait buckets and rodholders (locations and styles vary by model and series). With plenty of space to move around and comfortable seating for up to 14 people, these floorplans are ideal for the family. All Fishing floorplans are available with additional fishing options to enhance the fisherman's experience: additional livewells, upgraded fishing seats, Garmin Fish/Depth Graphs and performance options for enhance speed.


The cruising floorplans feature traditional full bench seating in the bow with a stern "L" bench and sunpad in the stern portion of the boat. A great floorplan for the family with space to kick up your feet.


2150 RL

2375 RL

2375 RL I/O

2575 RL

2575 RL I/O

2875 RL

2375 RLCP

2575 RLCP

2375 RFS

2574 RFS

2350 RCL

2550 RCL

2550 RCLC

2575 RSD

2550 RCB

2350 RBR

2550 RBR

2350 RSR

2550 RSR

2550 RSR Midship Bar

2275 RCW

2375 RCW

2375 RCW Closed Stern

2375 RCW Sport Arch

2375 RCW Sport Tower

2372 RCW Windscreen

2372 RCW Windscreen Sport Arch

2352 RCW Windscreen Sport Tower

2572 RCW Windscreen

2572 RCW Windscreen Sport Arch

2552 RCW Windscreen Sport Tower

2375 RCW I/O

2375 RCW I/O Sport Arch

2375 RCW I/O Sport Tower

2575 RCW

2575 RCW Closed Stern

2575 RCW Midship Bar

2575 RCW Sport Arch

2575 RCW Sport Tower

2575 RCW I/O

2575 RCW I/O Sport Arch

2575 RCW I/O Sport Tower

2575 RCWCP

2575 RCWCP Closed Stern

2575 RCWCP Sport Tower

2874 RCW I/O

2874 RCW I/O Midship Bar

2874 RCW I/O Sport Arch

2874 RCW I/O Sport Tower

28 RSR - 10 FT Wide Single Engine

28 RCW - 10 FT Wide Single Engine

30 RCW - 10 FT Wide Twin Engine

30 RSR - 10 FT Wide Twin Engine

25 RCW - 10 FT Wide Single Engine

25 RSR - 10 FT Wide Single Engine

27 RCW - 10 FT Wide Twin Engine

27 RSR - 10 FT Wide Twin Engine

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