Meet the Bennington Q Series Pontoon Boat

If it’s refined luxury and quality craftsmanship that you’re after, then look no further than the Q series luxury pontoon boats from Bennington. The awe-inspiring Bennington Q series comes with a variety of color choices, design enhancements, and optional boating add-ons to fit your 23-foot to 30-foot pontoon.

Express yourself from bow to stern with stylish arches and comfortable club seats that combine luxury and performance. From the Q25 Swing back windscreen sport arch to the 10-foot-wide-beam Fastback Twin Engine 30QSR, Bennington delivers a perfect match for every level of boater.

Bennington’s Q series club lounge comes fully-equipped with a sundeck and table, club seating with removable fill-in cushions, a rear bar, chaise lounges with cup holders and USB ports, stunning Zebrawood slate accents, and optional Roswell speaker package; making it the ideal cruise party destination.

For an added dining experience, the optional dinette with 360-degree swivel recliner, mood lighting, speakers, and wine rack make for the ultimate adult getaway. Include the galley with countertop, sink, and ottoman cooler and you’ll be hosting guests all summer long.

For watersports enthusiasts, the Q series 25QCW IO Sport Tower allows you to spend endless days water skiing, wakeboarding or tubing on the lake. With powerful, illuminated Roswell speakers integrated into the tower as well as the rear of your pontoon boat, the Q series is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

The new 10-foot-wide-beam Bennington can be handcrafted to create an ultra-spacious deck allowing for more space while still handling like a sports coupe. With standard upholstered Napa Beige pillow-top and Blue Ice illuminated speakers and cup holders and you’ll never want to return to port.

Backed by Bennington legendary manufacturing standards and comprehensive 10-year bow-to-stern warranty, the Bennington Q series stands out as best-in-class for its quality, reliability and luxury. All materials and workmanship are covered by Bennington, including flooring, electronics and upholstery. No hassles, no worries, no hand-offs.

Start designing your dream Q Series by Bennington Pontoon Boats today at our online design center, where you can customize every feature for the perfect pontoon boating experience. You can also locate a knowledgeable Bennington Pontoon Boat dealer using our dealer locator. Learn more about the Q Series online at

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