How To Winterize A Pontoon Boat

Even the most experienced pontoon boat owners can come to dread winterizing. This isn’t necessarily because the process can seem a bit daunting, but because it means that the season is ending once again. However, if you take your winterizing and boat storage seriously, preparing for the next season will be simple and easy. IfRead More

Top 5 Arkansas Lakes For Pontoon Boating

With the Mississippi River taking up much of the eastern border of Arkansas, it’s no secret that one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors here is to get out on the water. Additionally, residents and visitors have the option to explore a number of different lakes and reservoirs dotted throughout the lowland andRead More

How to Polish your Bennington’s Aluminum Pontoons

For Bennington Pontoon Boat owners, fall is the best time to be proactive about extending the life of your boat through the practice of proper maintenance. Since you likely won’t see your boat again for a number of months, now is the time to address any concerns that may worsen over time. This includes itemsRead More

Fall Boating Tips

  Now that autumn is in full gear, the time to fit in a few last pontoon boat trips is winding down. In the northern parts of the US and Canada, the leaves have already begun turning and the temperatures are dropping lower and lower each day. Soon, the lakes and ponds we love toRead More

5 Best Illinois Lakes For Pontoon Boating

If you’re planning a pontoon boat trip in Illinois, we’ll let you in on the secret: there’s far more to the “Land of Lincoln” than prairies and farmland. The state is connected to some of the most well-known bodies of water in the country (do Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River ring a bell?) makingRead More

Celebrate Labor Day on Your Bennington

It’s hard to believe, but summer is ending. Yes, in the blink of an eye, warm sunny days are becoming a thing of the past and fall is creeping in. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty of time to enjoy a cruise on your Bennington Pontoon. Labor Day weekend is the ultimate end-of-summerRead More

Meet the 2018 Bennington QX Series Pontoon Boat

Even amongst Bennington’s high-performance luxury pontoon boats, the 2018 QX Series stands tall as a best-in-class boating machine. The 2018 series brings a new level of style and attention to detail to the timeless QX design. At first glance, the QX Series pontoon boat is a jaw-dropper with more than 20,000 color options and theRead More

How to Keep Your Bennington Pontoon Boat Clean and Well-Maintained

Are you a lifelong pontoon boat owner? A first-time owner? Perhaps you’re just starting to consider purchasing your first pontoon. Regardless of where you are in your pontoon-boating journey, there is one thing that all pontoon boat owners must know: how to keep your boat clean and well-maintained so that your investment lasts for manyRead More

Meet the Bennington SX Series Pontoon Boat

For pontoon boaters seeking the best combination of value and luxury, the Bennington SX series of pontoons and tri-toons are for you. Like all of Bennington’s industry-leading pontoon boats, the SX Series brings the highest quality and customizable boating options to you at an affordable price. From starboard to port side, our seemingly never-ending selectionRead More

10 Water Tubing Safety Tips

Nothing says “family fun” like spending summer vacation on a pontoon boat! Once that warm weather hits, you don’t want to find yourself standing between a Benny owner and their boat. But, in all the rush to get out on the water, it’s important to remember the safety concerns associated with any boating activity. HereRead More

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