5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Enjoy On The Water

Just as pontoon boating goes with fishing and family fun, it also goes with beverages — big time. Whenever you spend a lot of time in the sun, you build up a thirst and need to stay hydrated. While beer and cocktails have their place and time, there are a lot of good reasons toRead More

Five Great Locations for Pontoon Boating in Rhode Island

Don’t let its status as the smallest state put you off. Rhode Island is a boater’s paradise, with a fantastic variety of freshwater ponds, salt ponds, and Narragansett Bay offering opportunities for pontoon boaters and lovers of history, fishing, outdoor recreation, fine dining, night life and more. Here are some of the top places toRead More

Bennington Apparel and Accessories For the Home

Show off your Benny pride with a cute T-shirt or cool polo discretely emblazoned with the Bennington name. When you join the Bennington Pontoon family you will want to own all the swag, not only to be an insider, but because these pieces are high quality performance gear. Read on to find out which accessoriesRead More

Top 5 Iowa Lakes for Pontoon Boating

There is no better place to spend a quintessential American summer than on a lake in Iowa, where the waters are as wide open as the hearts of its people. Here are five lakes in Iowa made for great pontoon boating day trips or longer vacations. Lake Okoboji This is the state’s premier vacation andRead More

Grilling On The Bennington

One thing that people love about Bennington pontoon boats is the way they afford long, luxurious days on the water. You’re going to be so comfortable, so relaxed and at ease, you are not going to want to head back to shore for lunch (or dinner!) any time soon. With that in mind, we haveRead More

Boating With Kids

Start taking your children on your Bennington pontoon boat at an early age, and you will instill in them a lifelong love of boating. You will relax, laugh and play with them, and see all sorts of amazing sights and wonders from your boat’s wide, stable deck. The experiences you share on the water areRead More

Design Your Dream Pontoon Boat

You are accustomed to designing your life the way you want it, and your pontoon boat should be no different. One of the beauties of Bennington is that you are in control: you can specify nearly every feature to suit your taste, your style, and your family’s boating pleasure. What’s more, we make it easyRead More

Top 5 Best South Carolina Lakes for Pontoon Boating

South Carolina’s beaches are perhaps better known than South Carolina’s lakes, particularly to spring breakers going to Myrtle Beach to escape from the pressures of academia. However, the state has numerous large lakes that afford opportunities for boating, fishing and swimming. South Carolina might be one of the smaller states, yet it offers ample funRead More

Protecting Your Benny From the Elements

The easiest method of protecting your pontoon boat over the winter is to take it from the water and use measures to prevent damage from rain, frost, high winds, snow, and dampness. However, most of us spend the spring repairing all the things which went awry during the off-season. Therefore, what else might need someRead More

Design Your Bennington to Fit the Whole Family

Whether you are on a bay on the Atlantic Seaboard or on a lake in Arizona, you are probably going to see an abundance of pontoon boats. Rather than riding on a fiberglass hull, these boats have two or occasionally three aluminum “logs” they float on. Once upon a time, they were pokey and slow,Read More

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