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2021 Bennington QX Sport Flagship Pontoon Boats What’s New & Overview


The QX Sport is the Bennington brand’s ultimate flagship and sits at the pinnacle of the pontoon boat industry. See More On


The QX Sport is the ultimate flagship of the Bennington brand and it’s clearly the pinnacle of the pontoon boat industry. It was designed with the inspiration of a supercar with refinement found in all its aggressive curves.


With 25' of materialized aggression that can only be tamed by those who expect perfection.


The QX Sport's sculpted exterior is crafted with the finest marine-grade fiberglass with billet aluminum accents.


The Roswell Wake Tower and Integrated windshield were designed to match the bold styling of the QX Sport and were specifically designed for our QX Sport model. The Roswell tower comes standard with powerful vampsin speakers, pumping out the premium sound either forward or aft.


The sound system featuring 16 speakers and 2 subwoofers is controlled by Bennington’s full boat control system with two touch screens at the helm. Exclusive to the QX Sport, this advanced system integrates all the boat’s systems such as stereo controls, interior & exterior lighting, and engine systems seamlessly into a single interface.


You'll also find many built-ins like a hidden integrated sink at the co-captain helm and a built-in refrigerator located in the port aft bench. Also, exclusive to the QX Sport models are the fiberglass furniture bases coupled with the Sport Lounge aft layout which features two convertible backs that can be flipped in two directions to allow forward-facing or rear-facing seats.


Unique to the QX Sport is the ability to customize the exterior in any color in addition to offering red vinyl as your primary interior.


The QX Sport's aggressive styling is backed up by offering best-in-class performance & comfort that surpasses many fiberglass runabout rivals. The entire boat was designed and engineered around Bennington's exclusive Elliptical Sport Package that can be outfitted with UP to 450HP.


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