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  • How to Clean Your Aluminum Pontoons

    By adopting a strategy of regular cleaning during the boating season, you can keep oxidation and discoloration at bay and keep your pontoons looking great.

  • Tips for cleaning the aluminum exterior of your pontoon boat

    A pontoon boat's aluminum flotation devices can become discolored if they sit in certain types of water for long periods of time. There are many products available that will remove this discoloration

  • How to Polish your Bennington’s Aluminum Pontoons

    Cleaning and polishing your aluminum pontoons is an important step in keeping your Bennington in pristine condition. Follow these tips for keeping your pontoons shiny and protected.

  • Cleaning Vinyl Boat Seats

    If you catch it early on, removing mold and mildew is fairly simple and can breathe new life into your boat’s interior. Check out a few of our top tips for cleaning and maintaining vinyl boat seats

  • New Pontoons - Articles

    Get a closer look at the latest pontoons in the Bennington lineup.

  • Cleaning Your Bennington's Bimini Top

    A Bimini top provides shelter from rain or sun and can be an ideal accessory to make any pontoon boat more enjoyable. To keep them looking great, it's important to have a regular cleaning schedule

  • How to Polish Your Aluminum Pontoon

    Be diligent and proactive in cleaning and polishing beginning the day you launch your craft, and you will enjoy a beautiful, pristine vessel for many seasons to come. Below are a few recommendations

  • How to Keep Your Bennington Pontoon Boat Clean and Well-Maintained

    Taking proper care of your pontoon is more than just keeping it shiny and clean on the outside, in fact, it's what's happening on the inside that should be your main focus. Your engine is the heart

  • Tips for keeping your pontoon clean, safe and in tip top shape during the summer

    When warm weather and school vacations hit, its time to set out on the pontoon boat. Perfect for bass fishing or groups of friends and family, these unique boats are built for making memories.

  • Pontoons and Water Skiing: Fun with a Pull

    Today's pontoons are streamlined works of marine art capable of speeds up to 50 mph. Much more than just a stationary float, pontoons are a superb choice for all kinds of boating fun including water

  • Bennington R Model

    21'-30' luxury performance boats in standard and 10' wide-beam widths. R Model pontoons offer the most guest seating with vast interior space to accommodate larger gatherings and our widest choice of

  • Bennington G Model

    18'-25' pontoons boats offering luxury and sophistication customizable to make it yours. When you step up to the G-Series, you’re automatically enrolled into our premium features club: extras like

  • High-performance Features

    Learn about the different performance packages and systems which enhance stability and handling of Bennington pontoons.

  • Pontoon Visualizer

    Start customizing your Bennington pontoon by selecting a series, choose from different furniture layouts and colors.

  • 2019 Bennington Pontoon Boats Video Gallery

    See the 2019 lineup of Bennington pontoons in action in these exclusive videos on the water.

  • About Bennington

    Learn about Bennington Pontoons, a family company dedicated to quality, craftsmanship and fun on the water.