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  • Boating safety and accessories for your pets

    A day on the water isn't complete without friends, family and of course the family pet. Here are some tips and accessories to ensure that you and your four-legged friends have a tail-wagging good

  • Safety Checklist for a Day of Pontoon Boating

    Pontoon boating is unquestionably fun, and when done carefully and responsibly, it's also safe. That "carefully and responsibly" part, however, gives rise to a lot of questions and causes some

  • Pontoon boat Summer Safety Tips

    A relaxing and fun day on the lake can quickly go sour when disaster strikes. If you're planning to head out on your boat, be sure to follow these boating safety tips to help prevent accidents and

  • Emergency Safety Kits For Your Pontoon Boat

    An emergency safety kit is essential for every boat. Unlike land-based accidents, it can take emergency personnel longer to reach you on the water because there are fewer emergency responders

  • Teaching Kids to Swim

    Child water safety is all about knowing how to handle being in or near water safely as well as another crucial element all unto its own - learning to swim.If you are planning to teach or have your

  • 10 Water Tubing Safety Tips

    Nothing says “family fun” like spending summer vacation on a pontoon boat! But, in all the rush to get out on the water, it’s important to remember the safety concerns associated with any boating

  • Fall Boating Tips

    Now that autumn is in full gear, the time to fit in a few last pontoon boat trips is winding down. There are still a few good weeks of boating left for our friends to the north and we're here to help

  • Best Rivers for Pontoon Boating

    We've picked out five of the top rivers for pontoon boating across the country in hopes of inspiring owners to plan some exciting adventures this summer.

  • Boating on the Great Lakes

    The Great Lakes make up the largest body of fresh water on Earth. Whether you like fishing (for trout, salmon, perch, and more), diving, or simply admiring the scenery, pontoon boating on the Lakes

  • Grilling Safety for Pontoon Boaters

    Pontoon boats offer up an excellent platform for grilling on the water: their wide stance offers great stability, and their spacious, open decks provides ample space to set up the grill and use it

  • 5 Best Illinois Lakes For Pontoon Boating

    The state of Illinois is connected to some of the most well-known bodies of water in the country (do Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River ring a bell?) making it a great pontoon boat destination.

  • Top 5 Montana Lakes for Pontoon Boating

    Montana attracts adventurers looking to grab a saddle and explore ranch life, but if it’s the boating life you seek, Montana has that, too. Here are our picks for the top five best pontooning lakes

  • Five Best Vermont Lakes for Pontoon Boating

    Vermont is full of treasures for pontoon boaters. Here are five of the best lakes for pontoon boating in Vermont.

  • Five Great Wyoming Lakes for Pontoon Boating

    Wyoming is a wonderful place for family vacations. If you have a pontoon boat and want to find the best places to take it out, you can do no better than the Cowboy State. Here are the five best lakes

  • Best Maine lakes for Pontoon Boating

    If you enjoy pontoon boating and the lake lifestyle, you'll find a lot to love about Maine. Maine has more than 6,000 ponds and lakes, including many beautiful ones that are navigable by pontoon

  • Great West Coast Lakes for Pontoon Boating

    The West Coast offers some fantastic lakes for pontoon boating. Here are five of them it would be worth your time to check out.