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  • 5 Best Illinois Lakes For Pontoon Boating

    The state of Illinois is connected to some of the most well-known bodies of water in the country (do Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River ring a bell?) making it a great pontoon boat destination.

  • Pontoon Visualizer

    Start customizing your Bennington pontoon by selecting a series, choose from different furniture layouts and colors.

  • Intro to Pontoon Wakeboarding

    For beginning wakeboarders, a pontoon boat makes for a fine learning platform. Their modest wakes are appropriate for riders who are just learning how to "start" in the water and stand up on the

  • Luxury Pontoon Furniture Layouts

    We Never Compromise and Neither Should You. Select the Ideal Layout for Your Boating Passion.

  • New Pontoons - Articles

    Get a closer look at the latest pontoons in the Bennington lineup.

  • Naming Your Pontoon Boat

    Naming boats is an age-old tradition. We encourage you to use your imagination and come up with your own distinctive name, to make your pontoon boat even more distinctly your own. Here are some

  • Winterizing Your Pontoon Boat

    Pontoon boat winterization is as important as any measure you can take to ensure your boat will be at its best when next year's boating season comes around. Here are several important steps that

  • Pontoon boat Summer Safety Tips

    A relaxing and fun day on the lake can quickly go sour when disaster strikes. If you're planning to head out on your boat, be sure to follow these boating safety tips to help prevent accidents and

  • Best Rivers for Pontoon Boating

    We've picked out five of the top rivers for pontoon boating across the country in hopes of inspiring owners to plan some exciting adventures this summer.

  • Grilling Safety for Pontoon Boaters

    Pontoon boats offer up an excellent platform for grilling on the water: their wide stance offers great stability, and their spacious, open decks provides ample space to set up the grill and use it

  • Choosing a Pontoon Boat Trailer

    After selecting the boat itself, buying a trailer is a challenge many pontoon boat owners face.

  • Design Your Dream Pontoon Boat

    You are accustomed to designing your life the way you want it, and your pontoon boat should be no different. Specify nearly every feature to suit your taste, your style, and your family's boating

  • Pontoon & Tritoon Boats Dealers

    Find a Bennington Pontoon boats dealer near you.

  • 2020 Pontoon Boats Video Gallery

    Explore what's to come from Bennington in 2020, with new pontoon features that will have heads turning across the water.

  • 6 Popular Pontoon Boating Destinations

    If you are already dreaming of your summer pontoon experience, check out these six boating destinations to start planning a memorable trip.

  • Quote Request: Bennington Pontoon Boat

    Request a price from your local dealer for a Bennington Pontoon.