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  • Boating With Kids

    As with all activities involving children, it is best to be prepared. That means being cautious and having the proper knowledge, plans, equipment, and supplies. We love family boating, and are happy

  • Easy Boating Snacks for Kids

    Here are four great snack ideas that work well for almost every kid on board a pontoon boat.

  • 5 Great Snacks for Kids on the Pontoon Boat

    Before you raise your anchor and head out on your Benny, you mustn't forget the most important thing when you’re entertaining kids: the snacks! We’ve saved you the time of having to find yummy, sweet

  • A Day of Boating: Protect Yourself with the Right Sunscreen

    More than 3 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in America every year, and both too much exposure to the sun and a history of severe sunburn are two big risk factors for developing this type

  • Bennington SX Model

    16'-25' pontoon boats highlighting comfort, style and functionality that can be catered to your lifestyle. Choose from power options ranging from mild to wild from the world’s biggest and best names,

  • Teaching Kids to Swim

    Child water safety is all about knowing how to handle being in or near water safely as well as another crucial element all unto its own - learning to swim.If you are planning to teach or have your

  • Five Tips for Teaching Kids to Fish

    Read these five tips for teaching kids to fish, then hit the water in your new Bennington pontoon boat.

  • Bennington partners with StanCraft Custom Wood Boats

    We’ve announced our partnership with Stancraft unveiling a Mahogany Edition Bennington at the 2014 dealer meeting. We are the first boat company, outside of a wood boat company, to offer the classic

  • Bennington Q Model

    23’-30’ customizable boats with an unmistakable silhouette in 8' 6" and 10' wide-beam widths with single or dual engine. The available towers, cladded, and open arches are perfect for watersports and

  • Fall Boating Tips

    Now that autumn is in full gear, the time to fit in a few last pontoon boat trips is winding down. There are still a few good weeks of boating left for our friends to the north and we're here to help

  • Designing A Pontoon Boat That Fits Your Needs

    Pontoon boats are incredibly versatile. With the right customization, a pontoon can suit your boating activities and your sense of style perfectly.

  • Learn to Waterski

    No boat offers opportunities for family fun like a pontoon boat. Once the kids have gotten their thrills from tubing, water skiing is a good natural progression. Bennington pontoon boats have the

  • Boating Education & Safety

    Find articles about boating safety from water tubing to grilling on a pontoon.

  • Enjoy Boating Safely

    We love water sports. Water skiing, tubing, swimming -- it's all good. But the water can also be dangerous. Please review these tips to keep your family and friends safe on the water.

  • More on Boating Safety

    You're ready to start the engine and head out for a fun day of pontoon boating. But wait! Haven't you forgotten something? Never go boating without considering the safety of those aboard. Here are

  • Bennington QX Model

    25'-30' luxury performance pontoon boats with refined, unparalleled elegance. Whether you want to sunset cruise or carve a wake, the QX delivers a powerful choice of performance packages. Find