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  • Five Tips for Teaching Kids to Fish

    Read these five tips for teaching kids to fish, then hit the water in your new Bennington pontoon boat.

  • Teaching Kids to Swim

    Child water safety is all about knowing how to handle being in or near water safely as well as another crucial element all unto its own - learning to swim.If you are planning to teach or have your

  • Bennington Boats and Recreational Fishing

    For a recreational fishing trip, flat-bottom Bennington pontoon boat G Series offers excellent choices. Anglers will appreciate these beauties whether they are in local waters or offshore.

  • How to Make Your Own Fishing Lures

    Fishing can be an expensive hobby, and the cost of lures, especially, can add significantly to your ongoing costs. Making your own lures can help keep the costs down.

  • Boating With Kids

    As with all activities involving children, it is best to be prepared. That means being cautious and having the proper knowledge, plans, equipment, and supplies. We love family boating, and are happy

  • Pontoon Tips & Advice - Articles

    Get tips, advice, and ideas from Bennington on everything from keeping your 'toons clean, to teaching your kids to fish.

  • Five Great Ways to Get Young Children Excited About Fishing

    A day of boating is fun for everyone, especially when you head out for some lake fishing in your Bennington. Even your young children will get excited about a day of fishing when you utilize these

  • Bennington S Model

    16'-25' boats in a variety of styles including 8' narrow-beam widths with a long list of options, including Quad Bench, L-Bench and Fishing floorplans. Find features and furniture layouts for the

  • Easy Boating Snacks for Kids

    Here are four great snack ideas that work well for almost every kid on board a pontoon boat.

  • Planning Your Pontoon Boat Fishing Trip

    With warm weather and summer vacations just around the corner, it's not too soon to start planning your pontoon boat fishing trip. What do you need to do in order to head out on your pontoon boat

  • Saltwater Fishing Tips for Pontoon Boaters

    A pontoon boat can be an excellent platform for saltwater fishing—whether the fish are biting or not. Bennington pontoon boats feature many angler-friendly touches to make the experience even more

  • Prep Your Pontoon Boat for Fishing

    Pontoon boats shine as fishing platforms. They're stable, they've got tons of deck and storage space, and they draw little water, so you can edge right up to a shoreline. These accessories will help

  • Bennington SV Model

    16'-20' fishing and family friendly boats available in easily trailerable 8' narrow-beam widths. Find features and furniture layouts for the Bennington SV Model.

  • 3 Fall Bass Fishing Tips for Extending Your Pontoon Boat Season

    While summer is by far the most popular time for pontoon boat owners and fishermen to take their boats out on the water, fall can be just as pleasurable and for different reasons. If you're looking

  • 5 Great Snacks for Kids on the Pontoon Boat

    Before you raise your anchor and head out on your Benny, you mustn't forget the most important thing when you’re entertaining kids: the snacks! We’ve saved you the time of having to find yummy, sweet

  • Bennington SV Model Floor Plans

    The value model is available in 2 different floor plans: L-Bench and Fishing. Two versions of fishing furniture layouts are available: Fishing & Cruise, and Pure Fishing.