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January 03, 2024

The Right Pontoon Engine Size For You

Choosing the right engine size for your pontoon is critical. The engine influences performance, fuel efficiency, and boating experience. Whether you plan to spend your days pulling kids on a tube or leisurely cruising, your pontoon boat motor needs to fit your lifestyle.


Understanding Pontoon Engines


To determine the right pontoon boat engine size for you, it’s important to know the difference between the main types — outboard, inboard, and sterndrive.


Outboard engines are mounted externally on the transom (the rear) of the pontoon boat, making them easily accessible and easy to tilt if you have to launch your boat in shallow water. Outboard engines are quiet, yet powerful.


Inboard engines are placed inside the hull. Since they aren’t visible like outboard engines, they provide you with some more room on the deck.


A sterndrive is a combination of an inboard engine and an outboard unit, with the engine inside the boat and the drive unit (propeller) mounted externally.


At Bennington Pontoon, we pride ourselves on offering high-performance pontoon boat packages. Bennington pontoon boats with single engines are rated for up to 600 horsepower, while twin-engine configurations go up to 900 horsepower. To choose a horsepower level, consider where you boat and what kind of performance and handling you want.


Considerations for Pontoon Motor Sizes


When selecting your pontoon boat motor, consider the:

  • Boat size and weight
  • Relationship between boat size, weight capacity, and engine power
  • Intended use (tailor the engine size to the specific activities you want to do)
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Horsepower (HP) or pontoon boat speed desired
  • Maintenance requirements


Pontoon Engine Sizes


Small Pontoon Boat Engines


If you get a small pontoon boat, the engine will get you between 25 and 50 HP. That means you can enjoy a boat that’s easy to maneuver, suitable for calm waters, and fuel efficient. Since small pontoon boat motors consume less fuel, they allow you to cruise and stay on the water longer before having to refuel. If you enjoy calm waters, a small pontoon boat engine is the perfect fit. 


Mid-Size Pontoon Boat Engines


Mid-size pontoon boat engines give you around 50 to 150 HP. Engines for mid-sized pontoon boats balance power and fuel efficiency, which means you have increased versatility in what you can do. If you can picture yourself fishing, cruising, and towing kids or grandkids on a tube, a mid-size pontoon boat engine will get the job done.


High Performance Pontoon Boat Engines


Thrill seekers, rejoice. High-performance boat engines get over 150 HP, but you don’t have to sacrifice a smooth ride. Larger pontoon boats can slice through choppier waters. If you want a fast pontoon boat, larger boats with powerful engines are great for reaching higher speeds and have higher towing capacity, making days full of watersports a breeze. Larget pontoons are also great for bringing along family and friends since they have more space for additional passengers.


Pontoon Engine Technology and Innovation


Bennington always uses the highest quality materials and upgraded performance packages, with options available like the express tube package for lower horsepower engines to sports performance systems for engines over 200 HP. We offer features to complement your engine, like lifting strakes to add lift and decrease splashing and Seastar hydraulic steering to make steering easier with higher horsepower engines.


We construct our pontoon boats using thick cross channels, extruded M-deck brackets, and fanged elevator bolted deck construction to give you a smooth and quiet boating experience. Bennington Pontoons can be matched with nearly any marine engine brand, allowing you to get the exact boating experience you want. 


How to Choose the Right Pontoon Engine Size


To choose the right pontoon engine size, consider where you’ll be boating, what you want to do on the water, how many people you want to bring aboard, and how much money and time you can put toward your pontoon boat. The best way to give yourself peace of mind is to consult with your local Bennington pontoon dealer. Bennington dealers are well-versed in the world of everything boating, including engine sizes.


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