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January 03, 2024

Defining Excellence in Pontoon Boats

A best-in-class pontoon brand knows how to establish itself through having the best design, performance, comfort, and overall user experience. Bennington Pontoon Boats prides itself on crafting innovative pontoon boats made from the highest quality materials.


We stand by our work by offering an industry-leading 10-year warranty and providing factory tours to customers so they can see every step of the design and building process. Every design choice is made to improve the boating experience, like having soft vinyl interior and innovative layouts like the Swingback.


Pontoon boat brands play a pivotal role in shaping the industry, and Bennington prides itself on leading in innovation and design, never sacrificing attention to detail and quality.



Top Pontoon Boat Brands


In 1997, a group of industry veterans founded Bennington Pontoon Boats to have the most innovative and best pontoon boats on the market. The goal was always to improve and never compromise quality, which is what we still strive for today.


We know we’re one of the best boat brands, and accolades prove that. Bennington recently received its 25th National Marine Manufacturer Association Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction, which recognizes manufacturers who receive exceptional satisfaction scores for the boat, engine, and dealer experience.



Key Features of the Best Pontoon Boats:


Features and accessories take pontoon boats from good to exceptional. Must-have features for a pontoon are up to personal preference but typically fall into the categories of spacious layouts, comfortable seating, advanced technology, top-of-the-line speakers, and innovative design.


With a Bennington pontoon, you can opt for features like a dinette, hidden cooler, a top deck so passengers can slide down and splash into the water, and an integrated console bench with livewell and bait bucket. The possibilities are endless.


No matter what model you select, you can customize your Bennington to make it your own. Think Phantom Black Interior, heated and cooled seats, vibrant exterior colors like Orange Flare and Luminous Blue, or a wireless charging cubby.



Performance and Power:


Bennington offers outboard, inboard, sterndrive, and twin-engine options, so no matter what your dream boating day looks like, there’s an engine to fit. Pontoon boat engines contribute to speed, handling, and fuel efficiency. Bennington pontoon boats with single engines are rated for up to 600 horsepower, while twin-engine configurations go up to 900 horsepower. Smaller pontoon boat engines are good for cruising and have great fuel efficiency, while bigger pontoon boats allow for more passengers and higher speeds perfect for a day full of water sports.



Customer Reviews and Satisfaction:


As a pontoon boat manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our reputation, but that’s because we know you don’t just have to take it from us. Our satisfied customers say it best. Scroll through our social media accounts and you’ll see plenty of happy Benny owners in the comments.


When you own a Bennington, you become part of something greater. You join a community of people passionate about boating, as seen in the Club Bennington forum and Bennington Pontoon Owners Facebook group

Here’s what one Bennington QX Line owner, Greg R., has to say: “It’s the best-looking one out there and by far the best handling and performance. I looked at many different brands, and Bennington had a lot more detail.



Pontoon Affordability and Value


Buying a pontoon boat is a worthwhile investment and Bennington offers the best value for the cost. When buying a pontoon boat, remember to factor in the long-term costs associated with owning a pontoon boat. This includes the cost of cleaning, insurance, storage, the cost of a trailer and cover, accessories and watersports equipment.



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