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Boaters relaxing on their Bennington pontoon boat

Balancing and carrying capacity on your Bennington Pontoon Boat


Bennington Pontoon Boats, like all pontoon boats, are known for being exceedingly stable. The weight load is evenly distributed across the pontoon boats two logs and provide an enjoyably smooth ride for the passengers.

However, as stable as they are, it’s important to understand how to properly load a pontoon boat to keep it as balanced as possible.

Loading passengers

When loading passengers onto your pontoon boat be sure to evenly distribute them around the deck of the boat. This is increasingly more important the more passengers you have on board as too much weight in the front, back or either side can affect the boats behavior. Additionally with large groups, a sudden shift in weight from one side to the other can cause the boat to lean and objects to shift around the deck.

Loading equipment and gear

When placing objects that will be stored on the pontoon boat long term, be sure to place them evenly around the boat, but also where they are most likely to be used. Larger items such as grills, coolers or other recreational equipment should be given a ‘home’ on the boat where it will remain at all times, this allows the boat owner to ensure that the weight will remain balanced.

Carrying capacity

It is very important when you purchase your pontoon boat that you speak to your dealer about the carrying capacity of the boat. This will not only ensure that you have a safe ride, but also that you, your friends and family will have a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

Contact a local Bennington dealer to learn more about finding your pontoon boat. Learn more about Bennington Pontoon Boats.