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2021 Bennington 24 RTFBA Boating Review R Bowrider Line of Pontoon Boats


You step down to step up aboard the Bennington 24RTFBA Bowrider. The recessed forward seating area is made possible by the Integrated V-Hull Performance Package, which replaces a traditional center tube with a V-bottom hull between 23-inch-diameter outboard tubes. That center hull mates directly to the underside of the deck. Cutaway the deck, and you have space for a molded fiberglass footwell for a step-down U-shaped lounge that’s about a foot lower than the main deck. The primary benefit is to enhance visibility forward—passenger's heads don’t block the captain’s view, and you get a better look when approaching a dock because the rails and sides slope down slightly. Bennington View Ports— open gaps between the top rail and the seatback—further enhance forward visibility. During our session, we found this design really improved sightlines forward, and while it adds some weight, the boat handled well and rode admirably in a stiff chop... Read the complete Boating review of the 2021 Bennington R Bowrider Fastback Pontoon Boat:


In 2020 Bennington reinvented the pontoon with the all-new R Bowrider. By dropping the pontoon's front, we created the industry's first step-down seating area while increasing driver sightlines.


Our step-down U-Lounge™ places guests closer to the water for an optimum experience; everyone can see and feel. This all-new seating configuration features our luxurious Sport interior with tall lounge backs with adjustable headrests and large recessed lumbar storage pockets. The U-Lounge™ has one more hidden secret, flip the seatback down to access the integrated storage compartments perfect for all those smaller items you need out on the water.

The Bowrider's low-profile tapered bow gives it a sleek, sporty look while also enhancing visibility, but we didn't stop there. We added View-Ports to the bow rails to make docking and picking up skiers easier. This also allows the people on the sandbar to be included in the conversation.


All this comes together to create our exclusive Vantage-Point™ Captain's View, where both the captain and co-captain will experience clear, unobstructed sightlines making it even easier to drive, dock, and talk directly to all the passengers.


The Bowrider is designed around the integrated V-Hull performance package capable of pairing with engines up to 300HP. Our patented V-Shaped center hull design gives you plenty of in-floor storage and fantastic performance. The R bowrider comes in lengths from 22 to 25 feet with 2 of Bennington’s most popular aft furniture groups, the swingback lounger, and the quad bench with a fastback aft. All of these floorplans are also available with an arch.


I’d suggest you find your local dealer and drive one for yourself.