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QX Line

Bateaux pontons de luxe de 23 à 30 pieds avec une élégance raffinée et sans pareil.


Un pas en avant audacieux

Jamais satisfait de simplement être la meilleure, Bennington a réinventé le ponton avec le tout nouveau Bowrider pour créer un bateau facile à conduire tout aussi adepte du divertissement que du sport nautique.

Unique Shapes, Unique Finishes

Satisfy your senses with a visually appealing curved bow, highly-polished stainless trim and the sleek touch of a blemish-free composite glass skin.

Features and Options

Wake with Purpose

Whether you want to sunset cruise or carve a wake, the QX delivers a powerful choice of performance packages.

Style in Any Direction

Bennington's Fastback stern is standard on all QX Quad Bench floor plans complimenting the silhouette of the bow, while the 13 color illuminated speakers extend the entertainment space beyond the interior of the boat.

Nothing is an Afterthought

Seamless design is a hallmark of Bennington and the QX delivers with integrated dock and navigational lights.

Understated Elegance

The exterior is accented in the aft by stainless-steel and black mesh contributing to its mystique.

Where You Feel Most Alive

Bennington's sleek low-profile windshields paired with captain & co-captain's dual consoles offer protection on a chilly evening cruise. Additional storage and optional stainless-steel sink are a plus while enhancing the sporty appearance of your boat.

Powerful Form and Function

Many QX floor plans are available with open or cladded sport arches that not only give your boat an aggressive sporty look but also provides superior towing for watersports. Power and gas assist folding makes transport, boat houses, and bridges a breeze.

QX Line Furniture Layouts

Quad Bench

One of our most popular floor plans, the Quad Bench configuration maximizes storage, seating capacity, and lounge space. Many floor plans feature a sleek Fastback stern with speakers that extend your entertainment space.


An innovative floor plan that enables dual seating capabilities by allowing users to face forward or backward depending on the position of the furniture back.

Stern Lounge

Originally pioneered by Bennington, the Stern Lounge floor plan offers twin lounge seats for the ultimate in comfort while offering a vista view from the aft of the boat.