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2020 Bennington R Series Bowrider Preview


Here is a preview of what is to come... The 2020 Bennington R Series Bowrider is brought to life through breakthrough engineering and a forward-thinking mindset. By dropping the front deck lower, we increase driver sightlines and bringing riders closer to the water for an optimum experience everyone can see and feel.

Vantage-Point™ Captain’s View - Increased visibility providing excellent forward visibility in all driving conditions including docking and picking up fallen riders while making conversation with bow passengers easier

Other Benefits:

  • Similar to stadium seating driver can easily see and communicate with bow guests
  • Captain and Co-Captain are equally able to interact with passengers in the bow and stern

U-Lounge™ – Versatile conversation-friendly bow seating with the ultimate in comfort and “near water” rider experience

Other Benefits:

  • Comfortable taller lounge backs with adjustable headrests
  • Large recessed lumbar space for quick, secure storage

Recessed Bow with Low-Profile Rails - It’s bold and athletic cut, inspired by European sports cars, commands attention on the water

Intergraded V-Hull™ Performance Package – Top-of-the-line performance & control comes standard

Other Benefits:

  • Performance similar to equivalent ESP package
  • More Storage: Up to two over-sized in-floor center storage compartments standard, fitting a wakeboard or wakeskate perfectly

View-Ports™ in the Bow Rails – Increased port and starboard visibility for the captain and bow passengers

Other Benefits:

  • Enjoyable “near water” rider experience
  • Comfortable sandbar conversations
  • Easy place to grab for dock hands when docking

Integrated Bench-Back Storage – Dry storage spaces with easy access from the boat and dock

Other Benefits:

  • Can access easily with playpen cover on from the dock
  • Can charge a phone while stored inside
  • Perfect place for all the little things like Purses, Food/Snacks, Sunscreen, Phones, Charge Cables, Wallets, Sunglasses, Diaper Bags, Towels, First Aid Kit, Etc.

Optional Mid-Ship Fiberglass Port Console – Versatile, storage space at the entry with solid surface top and Stainless Steel Grab Handle

Other Benefits:

  • Perfect for Fender Bumpers, Trash Can, Soft Coolers, Diaper Bags, & Life Jacket Storage with Easy Entry Access and Space

Intangible Usability & Functionality – Easily stay organized and prepared with well-planned layouts and a variety of wisely located pockets, compartments & spaces in different styles and sizes for a variety of gear