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Bennington R Bowrider Shopper & Owner Feedback, Diamond Lake, MI


The Bennington R Series Bowrider is brought to life through breakthrough engineering and a forward-thinking mindset. By dropping the front deck lower, we increase driver sightlines and bringing riders closer to the water for an optimum experience everyone can see and feel.


The Bennington boats driven by actual shoppers and Bowrider owners in this video are 24RTSBA Swingback, 24RTFBC Quad Bench with Fastback, and 22 RTFB.


Vantage-Point™ Captain’s View - Increased visibility providing excellent forward visibility in all driving conditions including docking and picking up fallen riders while making conversation with bow passengers easier

Other Benefits:
• Similar to stadium seating driver can easily see and communicate with bow guests
• Captain and Co-Captain are equally able to interact with passengers in the bow and stern U-Lounge™ – Versatile conversation-friendly bow seating with the ultimate in comfort and “near water” rider experience.


Other Benefits:
• Comfortable taller lounge backs with adjustable headrests
• Large recessed lumbar space for quick, secure storage


Recessed Bow with Low-Profile Rails - It’s bold and athletic cut, inspired by European sports cars, commands attention on the water


Intergraded V-Hull™ Performance Package – Top-of-the-line performance & control comes standard

Other Benefits:
• Performance similar to equivalent ESP package
• More Storage: Up to two over-sized in-floor center storage compartments standard, fitting a wakeboard or wakeskate perfectly View-Ports™ in the Bow Rails – Increased port and starboard visibility for the captain and bow passengers

Other Benefits:
• Enjoyable “near water” rider experience
• Comfortable sandbar conversations
• Easy place to grab for dock hands when docking

Integrated Bench-Back Storage – Dry storage spaces with easy access from the boat and dock

Other Benefits:
• Can access easily with playpen cover on from the dock
• Can charge a phone while stored inside
• Perfect place for all the little things like Purses, Food/Snacks, Sunscreen, Phones, Charge Cables, Wallets, Sunglasses, Diaper Bags, Towels, First Aid Kit, Etc.


Optional Mid-Ship Fiberglass Port Console – Versatile, storage space at the entry with solid surface top and Stainless Steel Grab Handle

Other Benefits:
• Perfect for Fender Bumpers, Trash Can, Soft Coolers, Diaper Bags, & Life Jacket Storage with Easy Entry Access and Space


Intangible Usability & Functionality – Easily stay organized and prepared with well-planned layouts and a variety of wisely located pockets, compartments & spaces in different styles and sizes for a variety of gear.


Look for the all-new L Series Bowrider coming in 2021...


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