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Bennington pontoon

Prepare for Fishing on a Pontoon Boat


Whether you're alone or with friends, nothing beats spending the day fishing. There are many types of boats designed specifically for fishing, but few of them work well for activities that you might enjoy on a pontoon boat, especially entertaining.


Pontoon boats, however, shine as fishing platforms. They're stable, they've got tons of deck and storage space, and they draw little water, so you can edge right up to a shoreline. When properly equipped, a pontoon boat can be the perfect fishing vessel.


Fishing Boat Accessories


Here are a few pontoon boat fishing accessories that will help your boat become a successful fishing machine.


1. Pontoon Boat Livewell


Using a livewell with a freshwater pump and aerator can greatly enhance your fishing experience. Keeping your bait fresh means more catches, and keeping your catch alive means you can spend the whole day on the water without having to clean it until you're back on land.


2. Pontoon Boat Rod Holders


Rod holders are a must-have. There are plenty of options available for mounting to the rails or deck.


3. Swiveling Pontoon Fishing Chairs


Some pontoons that give priority to fishing have an open bow deck with swiveling fishing chairs. These are comfortable for all-day fishing and they keep anglers safely away from the rest of the family and guests. Each to his or her own space.


4. Pontoon Boat Trolling Motor


A trolling motor on a bracket at the bow can give you precise control to ease into your favorite fishing spot.


5. Pontoon Boat Fish Finder


A fish finder (a specialized sonar device) can make a world of difference in how you fish. Fish finders take a lot of the guesswork out of fishing by allowing you to easily determine fish and school size and location, water temperature, wave speeds, and bait depth.


6. Multiple Anchors


On a windy day, one anchor might not be sufficient to keep your boat stationary. Anchors at the front and back of your boat will keep you in one place and facing the same direction.


7. Pontoon Boat Grill


After a day of fishing, enjoy cooking up your fresh catch on the pontoon. Whether you’re preparing walleye, trout, or another catch of the day, make sure you have a quality pontoon grill on board.


Other Tips for Pontoon Boat Fishing


Now that you're properly outfitted, here are two more tips will help you have a better time fishing with your pontoon boat:


1. Transporting Your Pontoon Boat


If you plan to transport your pontoon boat any distance, you’ll need to ensure that you have a reliable trailer that fits your specific needs. You will need to consider where you will be launching your boat, how much space you have for trailer storage and of course the size of your boat. Learn more about choosing the right pontoon boat trailer.


2. Removing or Lowering Your Pontoon Boats Canopy


If your pontoon boat has a canopy, lower or remove it before you begin fishing. You'll cast more effectively if you have room to cast your rod.


Once you follow these tips and make the necessary improvements to your pontoon boat, you'll wonder why anyone would want to fish any other way. Yes, pontoon boats are great for entertaining and family fun -- but they're also serious fishing machines with unique advantages over any other type of boat.


3. Prepare Tasty Boating Snacks


Take along family fish recipes, foods like fried chicken, crackers, and the ingredients for preparing sandwiches. Making the sandwiches beforehand often results in sogginess. Fruit, ample bottles of water and snacks can be stored in your custom Bennington refrigerator.


Later, whether you are on the water or returning to the marina, try these tasty recipes for just-caught fish. Add them to family-favorite fish recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you plan to enjoy your meal on the boat, try these recipes for grilling on your pontoon boat.


Planning Your Fishing Trip Destination


For a more challenging fishing trip with family or friends, first decide which fish species you want to pursue. You will have the benefits of a captain, crew members, and deckhands on a charter. Key West Florida is known for its blue-water, flats, and reefs and variety of mooring options. The marshes of Louisiana and Mississippi feature the challenging red drums, black drum, and seatrout. Just an hour or so from New Orleans, this is a fabulous sight-casting environment. Bermuda for blue marlins or the Bahamas for bonefish, permits, and the occasional tarpon all well worth the travel. Local tackle shops, internet message boards, and websites can assist you in the planning stage.


Bennington Fishing Pontoon Boats


Whether you are fishing for trout at dawn or bass after the sun goes down, we have the fishing pontoon for you. Each boat is built using ultra-premium vinyl, stainless steel hardware, and quality raw materials. Selections range from 18 to 25 feet. Cruise with confidence -- 10-year, bow-to-stern and lifetime structural warranties are in place.


For a recreational fishing trip, flat-bottom Bennington pontoon boat the S or L Series offer excellent choices. The team of dealers, designers, engineers, and craftsmen work together with owners to design dream vessels. Anglers will appreciate these beauties whether they are in local waters or offshore. The latest technology is incorporated from fish finders and navigation systems, to comfortable, durable, and stylish furniture.


Want to build your own Bennington fishing pontoon? Visit our Build and Price page and click "fishing" underfloor plans.


There are over 46 million recreational fishermen in the United States according to the American Sportfishing Association. If you are one of them, pursue your pleasure in a luxury Bennington pontoon boat. Custom rod holders, tackle storage systems, and space for bait and tools can be designed to your specifications. From the cockpit layout to deck space, this family-owned company will satisfy all requirements.