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Pontoon boat on the sea

Tips for Winterizing Your Bennington Pontoon Boat


Your pontoon boat is your pride and joy. It gives you hours of pleasure every year as you drift away during the spring, summer, and early fall. It only makes good sense to protect your investment by winterizing your pontoon before you put it away in storage. Take some winterizing tips to ensure your pontoon boat will be in tiptop shape when you are ready to break it out when the good weather comes around again and the waterways have thawed.


Clean Your Boat from Top to Bottom

Your pontoon boat will need a thorough cleaning once you are done for the season. Begin with the inside of the boat, cleaning all surfaces and ensuring that they dry thoroughly. You don't want a mildew problem with your vinyl surfaces or your carpeting. When you have the boat out of the water and on the trailer, you'll need to give the exterior of your boat a cleaning as well. Get rid of any barnacles, debris, or dirt that has accumulated on the surface. As a final step, consider a protective polish that will stave off rust.


Stow All of Your Belongings

Don't leave any of your belongings on your boat when it is about to be placed in storage. Your life preservers, fishing tackle, electronics, coolers, and skiing accessories should be removed so that you don't have anything cluttering up your boat when you are winterizing the pontoon.


Don't Forget Engine Maintenance

You need to take care of your engine before you put your pontoon away for the winter. If you have no idea where to begin, consider calling in an expert. Otherwise, look at the manual that came with your boat. Take out your spark plugs to apply a fogging oil, making sure you replace your spark plugs when you are done. You don't need to connect the wires to your spark plugs until the spring.


Give your engine an oil change and keep your gas tank filled to the maximum to avoid problems with water buildup that can occur when you leave room in your tank. Don't forget the added measure of protection that comes with antifreeze. You protect your car's engine. Do the same for your pontoon boat.


Invest in a Good Cover

As a final step, be sure to purchase a cover for your pontoon boat. You'll keep out rodents during the winter months and keep it clean. When you take the time to winterize your boat, it will be ready for you to roll it out in the spring.