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January 26, 2024

Bennington Pontoon Quality Audit


At Bennington we believe all the details matter no matter how small or large. One of our main priorities is making sure every boat that leaves our factory is built to the utmost quality. Watch to see how every aspect of the boat is carefully monitored and perfected.


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0:00 – Building the Best Boat in the Industry
0:18 – Quality Manager, Katherine, explains how to perform quality audits
0:28 – Cross Functional Team members
0:51 – Dealers and End Customers help identify issues with boats
1:17 – Weekly meetings produce actionable items to address issues
1:44 – Inspectors communicate about regular concerning issues
2:06 – Quality Supervisor, Kate, explains Bennington standards
2:35 – Audits are held with inspectors, production supervisors, and group leaders
2:48 – Director of Current Project Engineering, Ian, ensures that boats are built to design specs
3:34 – For more boating tips visit