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RX Sport Model

23' to 25' boats with striking, fluent lines and a masculine stance to define luxury sport.

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Heavenly Sinful

Look away if you can, the RX Sport seductively blends sport and luxury to create a stand-out from the pack boat that commands the water and your attention. With a bold and athletic cut, it delivers stunning performance while pampering its occupants with unmatched comfort.

Break the Rules of Conformity

The Bennington RX Sport unapologetically redefines the sport pontoon category with stunning, jaw-dropping looks, rule-bending performance and an elevated level of style, luxury, and creature comforts others can’t match.

Features and Options

Aluminum Cladded Exterior

Easy On the Eyes

Smooth aluminum cladded exterior rails are an exclusive RX Sport design creating a stunning, premium look that will make you the center of attention wherever you cruise.

Bennington's Sport Interior

Sewn to Perfection

Attention to detail, unique colors and rich, luxurious finishes are found throughout the interior of the exclusive RX Sport interior with custom stitching, embroidery, and Bennington’s Sport winged emblem.

Cladded Sports Arch

Style with Purpose

A uniquely crafted arch brings together a stunning design with an aggressive edge and superior towing performance for watersports. Optional power-folding capabilities allow for easy transport and navigation.

Stainless Steel & Mesh Accents

Caress of Steel

The smooth aluminum cladded exterior of the RX Sport is enhanced with polished stainless-steel accents that hint at the sinister performance lurking beneath its sleek surface.

Tapped Bow Line

Tapped Bow Line

Similar to a sports car, the bow's exterior top rail is tapped, contributing to the athletic look which is unique to the RX Sport boats.

Integrated Dock & Navigation Lights

Light Up the Night

Seamless integration is a hallmark of all Bennington pontoons, but the RX Sport puts an exclamation point on it with expertly crafted, rail-integrated dock, and navigation lights.

RX Sport Model Furniture Layouts

Sport Lounge furniture layout


An innovative floor plan that enables dual seating capabilities by allowing users to face forward or backward depending on the position of the furniture back. Want the ultimate in flexibility, option the all-new 5 position Deluxe Swingback lounger.

RX Sport Model Floor Plan

Bennington's RX Sport models are available in both Swingback and Quad Bench floor plans, some with cladded sport arches.

Floor Layout of 25 RX Sport
25 RX Sport