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March 11, 2024

Best Boat Accessories for Your Pontoon

Pontoon boats are fun on their own, but they become even more enjoyable when you add accessories. Make your boat feel like it’s truly your own by adding popular pontoon boat accessories that fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re entertaining friends or enjoying time with family, our guide has you covered.


Basic Pontoon Accessories


Ask any seasoned boater what pontoon boat accessories you need and they’ll likely mention many of the items on this list such as towels, life jackets, coolers and beach toys. These basic pontoon accessories and the ones listed below will help you keep your boat in great shape and allow you to show off some personality.


Pontoon Boat Covers


A pontoon boat cover is a simple way to help prevent scratches and dents, keep animals and bugs away, deter casual theft, and can save you money on storage costs. A cover also protects your boat from the elements, whether it’s UV rays or some snow. By using a pontoon boat cover, you can help extend your boat’s lifespan and keep it looking great.  


Pontoon Boat Seat Covers


Pontoon seat covers function like car seat covers or a boat cover — they protect your boat from the elements and keep seats pristine. While it’s possible to clean your Simtex Upholstery, it’s still a great idea to use boat seat covers if you have a furry Benny pup with sharp claws, like to reapply sunscreen while on your boat, or if you have kids who love to snack during a day on the water.


Pontoon Boat Fenders


When docking your boat, having fenders will give you peace of mind. We know that pontoon boats are an investment, so we recommend pontoon boat fenders that fit between the pontoon and deck to protect from docks, other boats, and any other objects in the water.


Pontoon Boat Lights


What’s a party without fun lights? Create a fun or relaxing ambiance on your Bennington pontoon with optional RGB lights.


Pontoon Boat Flag & Mount


Show off what you care about with a pontoon boat flag and mount. A pontoon boat flag and mount will help your boat stand out from the rest while representing what you care about. Show off your Benny pride with our flag, wave an American flag, or represent your alma mater or favorite sports team.



Pontoon Accessories for Activities

Some of the best pontoon boat accessories are those that align with the activities you want to do on the water. On a pontoon, there’s fun for everyone. Adding accessories will make your activities, like watersports and fishing, even more enjoyable.


Pontoon Rod Holders   


At Bennington, we’ve designed fishing pontoon boats specifically for fishing enthusiasts. Fishing rod holders are built into the boat for easy access and storage, along with a stern fish station with a livewell, trolling motor gate, and more fishing-friendly features.


Pontoon Tow Bar


A sport pontoon boat is built for a thrilling time on the water. All Bennington pontoon boat arches, ski tow bars, and stowable pylons are rated for tubing and watersports. Let the action and fun begin!


Pontoon Slide


Pontoon slides are fun and will entertain your family and friends all day. Double decker Bennington boats come with a fiberglass waterslide with adjustable water pressure, so once you’ve soaked up the sun lounging on the top deck, you can slide into the water.


Pontoon Diving Board


Take the fun of a swimming pool to the lake or the ocean with a pontoon diving board. It’ll be a hit with family and friends. Just dive into the water once you’ve soaked up the sun and ready for a splash.


Floating Inflatable Mat   


Did you even boat with the kids or grandkids if you didn’t bring along a floating inflatable mat? Everyone will be entertained and have fun for hours with a floating inflatable mat. They’re great for running across, lounging, or jumping off into the water.

Cool Pontoon Boat Accessories

Consider adding these practical, convenient, and cool pontoon boat accessories to your Bennington.


Pontoon Boat Grill


Pontoon boat food is a must. While sandwiches and fruit from the cooler always hit the spot, there’s nothing like a freshly grilled hot dog or burger on a summer day. With a pontoon boat grill, being a grill master doesn’t have to be exclusively for land. You’ll be sure to make new friends on the water while you grill up your favorites. Just remember to consider the type of grill, its size, and how you’ll mount it while choosing a pontoon boat grill.


Pontoon Boat Bar


Pontoon boats are the perfect place for kicking back and relaxing. With a pontoon boat bar, you can quickly mix up cocktails or mocktails for your friends and family. Adding a pontoon boat bar is a great way to make your days on the water even more luxurious.


Pontoon Cup Holders


Whether it’s a cold soda or a hot coffee, cruising on your pontoon with a drink in hand is one of life’s simple joys. Portable armrests with cupholders are the perfect way to enhance your entertainment pontoon. Just move the cup holders to wherever you’d like to lounge.


Pontoon Boat Speakers


Having high-quality speakers on your pontoon boat nearly feels like a necessity. Listening to music helps create a great ambiance while on the water. 


Pontoon Boat Bathroom


Having a pontoon boat bathroom is another option for more convenience and comfort. It’s a practical accessory that you’ll be happy to have during long days on the water.


Pontoon Boat Changing Room   


Having a changing station on your pontoon is convenient for everyone aboard. If you plan to never get in the water, you can bring a swimsuit just in case and easily change on your boat by using a pop-up changing station. Or, you can use the changing room to change out of wet swimming gear to cruise back to the dock in clean, dry clothes.