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Boy jumping into the water from a Bennington pontoon boat

Tips for cleaning the aluminum exterior of your pontoon boat


Fall is a great time to show your pontoon boat your appreciation for a fun summer on the water. But before you begin scrubbing the exterior of your boat with a standard household cleaner, consider the materials that your boat is made of.

A pontoon boat’s signature floatation devices or ‘logs’ are made of aluminum and can become discolored if they sit in certain types of water for long periods of time. The water components play a major role in this discoloration, however there are many products available that will remove this discoloration, restore the shine and have them looking like new.

Begin with a pressure wash

You should first pressure wash the entire exterior of your boat. This will remove much of the grime that has built up while in the water.

Use proper cleaning products

You wouldn’t use carpet cleaner on your counter tops, nor should you use a household cleaner on the exterior of your pontoon boat. There are many products on the market that are meant for aluminum, fiberglass and other materials; these products are not only safer for your boat, but will clean your boat more effectively. Here are just some of the aluminum safe cleaning products available.

Be sure that when using any of these products that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safety, application, soak and rinse.

If you are unsure of which products will be the most effective for your boat, contact your local Bennington Pontoon Boat dealer.

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