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QX Sport Model

25' of materialized aggression that can only be tamed by those who share an equal passion for life.

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Stop the World

With a long list of exclusive features, design attributes, and stunning performance, the QX Sport has the potential to disrupt Newton’s Laws from the moment it hits the water.

Performance Comes Standard

Confidence in knowing it’s there when you need it, and even when you don’t; the one-of-a-kind QX Sport delivers unprecedented performance no matter the water.

Features and Options

Pic of QX Sport wake tower and windscreen

Exclusive Wake Tower & Integrated Windscreen

The QX Sport has a discernable flow and character throughout. You’ll find the integrated custom Roswell wake tower, and our windscreen is a prime example of how this boat blends style and performance seamlessly.

Pic of QX Sport model boat

Fast Company

Unique to the QX Sport, the standard sweeping fastback design at the stern encapsulates the performance flow plus includes integrated premium speakers as part of the exclusive high-end audio system.

Pic of built-in features

Exclusive Built-Ins

More than just high-style and finishing details, the QX Sport over-delivers in every way including a hidden integrated kitchen sink, deftly infused within the co-captain’s console.

Pic of QX model logo on speaker

Exclusive Prime Audio Components

A powerful, audiophile grade system is expertly integrated and controlled through two helm-mounted touch-screens and boosted by two subwoofers for a full-range sound experience.

Pic of QX Sport interior

Exclusive Sport Interior

Attention to detail, unique materials, and rich, luxurious finishes are found throughout the interior of the QX Sport with distinguishing embroidery, custom winged logos, and placards.

Pic of integrated refrigerator

Exclusive Integrated Refrigerator

Don't worry about grabbing the ice... Elevate your boating experience with the QX Sport's massive built-in commercial-grade refrigerator.

QX Sport Furniture Layouts

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Sport Lounge furniture layout

Sport Lounge

The QX Sport has a walk-though design with twin benches up front. The helms and furniture bases are color matched fiberglass maximizing storage, style, and durability. The two rear convertible benches have backs that may be flipped in two directions to allow forward facing or rear facing seats.

QX Sport Model Floor Plan

The QX Sport Model is available in a single floor plan.

The QX Sport Model is available in a single floor plan.

Floor plan of 25 QX Sport
25 QX Sport