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Pontoon boat on the sea

3 Fall Bass Fishing Tips for Extending Your Pontoon Boat Season


While summer is by far the most popular time for pontoon boat owners and fishermen to take their boats out on the water, fall can be just as pleasurable and for different reasons. Fall provides great opportunities for successful bass fishing. In the Fall, fish feeding patterns change and traffic on the water slows down allowing the knowledgeable fisherman great success during the beautiful fall months.


If you're looking to spend a cool fall day bass fishing and extend the boating season, here are 3 great bass fishing tips to use in your pontoon boat in the fall.


Keep moving

When bass fishing in the fall the key is to cover water quickly. Troll at a high speed and continue moving until you find a place worth multiple casts. The fish will tend to group up into schools, so eliminating dead water will result in a more successful experience and a larger catch.


Water temperature

Keep and eye on the water temperature. The biggest fish will relocate to shallow water when the temperature gets in the 50-degree range. Look to target 3 to 6-foot depths.


Water clarity affects depth

If you find that the bottom is churned up making it difficult to see the bottom, target shallow water in the 3-foot and shallower range. Bass will lay low and close to the bottom as well as stumps and downed trees in dirty water. In clear water this depth should be extended to the 4 to 6-foot range.


If you're new to fall fishing, or fishing in your pontoon boat, you'll love extending your boating season and enjoying the peace and quiet on the water.


Contact your local Bennington Pontoon Dealer for more information on fishing add-ons and enclosures that can help make your fall use more enjoyable.