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Boating safety and accessories for your pets


Pontoon boat owners know that boating is a family affair. A day on the water isn’t complete without friends, family and of course the family pet. So when you’re taking your pooch out on the lake for an afternoon of swimming or perhaps a peaceful fishing trip, it’s important to keep pet boating safety in mind. Here are some tips and accessories to ensure that you and your four-legged friends have a tail-wagging good time on your pontoon boat.

Doggy Boat Ladder

Dogs love the water. They love diving in, fetching toys and paddling around the boat. But it’s not always easy for them to get back on board. Boats have high sides and any waves can make getting out of the water more difficult. So, how do you make sure pooch has no trouble getting safely back on deck? Grab a doggy boat ladder. Companies like PAWS Aboard, Pet Classics and Get Wag all offer options to help your dog get out of the water and back on the boat.

Dog Life Jacket

Some dogs seem to be able to swim all day and if you’re willing to throw a stick or toy, they’ll just keep chasing it. But you need to be mindful of exhaustion. Dogs don’t always know their limit or refuse to give up, as they don’t want to disappoint their owners. Take the worry out of playtime with a dog life vest. These life preservers are made in every shape and size and come in bright colors to make your dog clearly visible in the water.

Floatable Dog Toys

Fetch on the water is fun for dogs and their owners. But in the midst of the fun, don’t forget to think safe. Using floatable dog toys will keep the toy clearly in the dog’s line of sight, saving time and energy finding it. Toys that sink not only force the dog below water, but if the water is cloudy or the toy sinks to the lake floor, it can be difficult or impossible for the pup to find the toy.

When stocking your pontoon boat with accessories and toys for a fun time on the water, think about your furry friends and how you can keep them safe as well.

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