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Pickup truck towing a Bennington pontoon boat

Storing Your Bennington During Boating Season


Where do you store your pontoon boat during the summer months? Do you keep it at home and just tow it to your destination? What is the best place to keep your boat in storage so that it is protected from the elements, vandals, and other elements while still being easily accessible when you need it?

Here are some ideas on where to store your boat during the summer and how to find a reliable marina or storage facility in your area:

Carport Solutions

If you are an avid pontoon boat owner and you are looking for more permanent summer boat storage, you may want to look into having an extra carport built for this purpose specifically. This solution may be costly though so some decide to do it themselves instead.

DIY Shelters

If you don’t want a full extra carport installed for your summer boat storage solution, you could opt to try to build one on your own. Materials can cost in the thousands, but once it’s completed, you will have a way of storing your pontoon boat that you can use year after year.


One solution of storing your pontoon boat is to find material to cover your boat, rather than try to store it in an elaborate carport or storage facility. You just have to stop and think about what your priorities are. If all you need to do is to shield it from the elements (like the winter elements, snow, ice, etc.) or bad storms during the summer, then all you need do is use a large vinyl cover or other covering. There are plenty available, and one company even offers to “shrink wrap” your boat for a price.

Renting Storage Space

Some marinas offer a way to store your boat during the summer so it is easily accessible to the water while protecting it from the elements. If you rent a space this way, you can expect to pay between $30 per month for a smaller unit up to $100 per month for a 10-foot x 20-foot unit big enough for a pontoon boat.

Many people just opt to keep their boats in the back yard and tow it to their destination, rather than spend the money to build their own storage facility or to pay the monthly rental for storage.

If you do decide to rent storage, make sure there is plenty of room between boats and look for good security. A little homework done in advance can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.